Friends To The End
Basically the page where I show the comics I like to read, pm me if you want to be on this page. Anyone can be on this page, as long as you have a comic and I like it =)

The comics I like listed below:

Chaos Cntrl By ChaosCntrl and Kaz

Kingdom Hearts : Totally Wasted by Rikus Gaurdian

Random Pancakes By ChaosCntrl

Last Fantasy By Zayl-San

Sexy Burrito Stars by Sycotic

Sonic Farce by King|Mickey and Sycotic

Faer and Friends By Shade-Of-Black

Back To Basics By Wolflan Darkwolf

Kingdom of Noobs By Megagamefreak

Keyblade Wars By XSarustaX

Dark Heart Chronicles By Darkmage

And these are the other comics I work on/co-author:

Kingdom Hearts Online Created By Degreenfreak

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